Ocean Batteries AS: Charting Independence & Maritime Innovation

Ocean Batteries AS proudly announces a transformative milestone, revealing a new identity and celebrating newfound independence.

This strategic evolution positions the company at the forefront of next-generation maritime battery systems, poised to make significant waves under its fresh moniker.

Formerly recognized as Hagal Ocean (A Hagal Company), Ocean Batteries AS has undergone a comprehensive transformation, emerging as a fully independent entity. This shift marks a crucial juncture in the company’s history, enabling a concentrated focus on its core business area: the development and enhancement of cutting-edge maritime battery systems.

The commitment to key principles—durability, reliability, and sustainability—remains steadfast, with an added emphasis on ruggedness, safety, and dependability. These values are interwoven into every facet of the company’s operations, ensuring a foundation of integrity and excellence.

To bolster its capabilities and drive innovation, Ocean Batteries AS is thrilled to announce the addition of key personnel. This includes a seasoned Senior BMS software/firmware engineer, a Senior BMS hardware engineer, and an Expert Systems Developer. The wealth of experience and expertise these individuals bring promises to elevate the company’s maritime battery systems to new heights.

Ocean Batteries AS emphasizes that its transformation is not merely a name change but rather signifies a new era of innovation and progress within the marine battery industry. The commitment to lead the way to new and superior systems remains unwavering, as the company continues its mission to create a sustainable future for oceans and inland waterways.

In expressing gratitude, Ocean Batteries AS extends heartfelt thanks to its supporters and partners who have played an integral role in the company’s journey. As the company sets sail into this exciting new chapter, it invites others to join in shaping a brighter future.

This marks a momentous occasion in the marine battery industry, where Ocean Batteries AS invites stakeholders and enthusiasts alike to be part of a sustainable and innovative future. Witness the dawn of a new era with us, where pioneering spirit meets maritime excellence.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Øystein Kjæreng
T:+47 9954 3502
E: oystein@oceanbatt.com