What makes us different?

Every product we design starts with a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, which shapes the way we innovate.

We don't just create battery systems; we aim to build a path to success for our customers and partners through technological excellence and insightful solutions.

Safety and sustainability are not just features of our products—they are commitments that guide our every decision.

Our work goes beyond delivering simple energy solutions; together with our partners and customers it's about setting new standards and leading the evolution in marine energy.

Through our efforts, we aim to make a substantial impact decarbonising and safeguarding the environment to build a better tomorrow.

Our Batteries

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Who are we?

Ocean Batteries AS, is an innovator in the marine battery industry, dedicated to providing durable, reliable, and sustainable battery solutions.

Ocean Batteries AS values integrity, safety, and dependability, ensuring customers can trust their batteries to perform flawlessly.


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